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Scouting From Home – updated

On March 23, 2020, due to the challenging environment we find ourselves in due to the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, Patriot’s Path Council released a statement asking us to cease all scouting activities.

Really? Well no, not really. They asked us to cease all scouting activities that require gathering in any number of people. So the good news is: scouting activities can continue! They can continue from home.

Here is a page that provides some insight into scouting activities that can be done at home.

Don’t forget your handbook as a terrific resource for scouting at home! Read it! There are lot’s of ideas, activities and requirements that you can work on. When we resume meeting, we should have a lot of calls for checking off requirements, Scoutmaster conferences and boards of review!

We should also share ideas. Feel free to send us your scouting from home activities so that we can share with others!

*update 4-8-2020

Here’s national’s Scouting from Home resources. Good info here!

Here’s national’s COVID-19 policy FAQ

Stay well everyone!

November 2019 Committee Meeting

Our November Troop Committee Meeting is November 6th at Washington School, coinciding with the regular troop meeting. All adults are welcome. Only Troop Committee Members can vote on items requiring a vote.

Please submit any items you’d like put on the agenda to the Committee Chair.

Please speak with the Committee Chair after the meeting if you’d like to become a Committee Member.

Re-registration and upcoming events

As usual in the fall, things in Scouting start happening very quickly. We have quite a bit of business to take care of and events to cover.

First up is re-registration / re-charter. The troop must re-charter with the Boy Scouts of America every year. There are registration costs that fund the program and include the registration fee, insurance, and activity fees. The cost to re-register this year is $120. Forms were provided at the 1st meeting on 9/11. The registration form is attached to this post.

Many activities are going to be upon us before we know it, so we need to be organized. Many hands make light work, so we are going to call on all of you to help. We need to staff activities. I will put sign up sheets out. For example, we will have 4 weeks of wreath sale fundraising this year. We will need to staff Saturday evening and Sunday mornings with scouts and adult supervision. Please volunteer.

Upcoming schedule

Our first meeting of the new scout year will be held on September 11 on the Washington School playground. The Elks will is closed that evening for parking lot repaving.

September 18th is our first Court of Honor. Your scouts will be recognized for the summer achievements which include ranking and merit badges. You are welcome to invite your family. It is an exciting time where the boys are recognized for their hard work and effort.

Coming up in October is the Jersey Jam, Boy Scout Jamboree. Most of our troop has not experienced a ‘Jambo’ (the last one at Liberty State Park was canceled due to threateningly high winds) because they only happen every few years. Jamborees are huge events organized and supported by council.

Also in October is the Elks Custom Car and Motorcycle show, where we help out performing community service.

In November, we will hold our annual Scouting For Food community service where we collect food and donate to area food banks. Approaching the holidays and moving quickly into the winter season, community food banks often see their resources dwindle fast. This is our opportunity to really make an impact and live up to our oath and law by being Helpful to our community members who need some assistance.

November is also our opportunity to shore up the troop finances by holding our wreath fundraisers. Once again, we will hold an event at the Elks and several at Holy Spirit Church.

We are counting on your help and support!

Welcome to the new Scout-year!

We’ve got another exciting year planned!

Coming up quickly in October is the Jersey Jam Jamboree (registration is closed) and in May is the popular New Jersey State Police Camporee, to name just two!

We have many outings, hikes, and community service opportunities scheduled.  Some are finalized, some decisions still need to made – be part of the action!

In addition to the wreath sale fundraising that we do annually, we are going to try BSA popcorn sales this year.  We are trying to encourage the boys to think bigger when it comes to outings.  We are trying to give them the opportunity to travel farther and wider.  Fundraising would give them the opportunity to earn their way to Seabase in Florida or Philmont in New Mexico as just two examples.  These are “high adventure” activities that our troop has not experienced in years.

As always, parents, your support is crucial.  Join our monthly committee meetings, learn about opportunities before us, help with our activities and speak to your scouts about possibilities – many of which require planning and vision which are concepts that teens don’t necessarily have a handle on yet.

First of its kind BSA uniform sale!

The Scout Shop is offering the first of its kind sale on uniforms.

Save 25% off a uniform top when you purchase a matching uniform bottom.

This sale is ideal for new scouts who don’t have a uniform, newer scouts who haven’t upgraded their Cub Scout uniform, any scout who is outgrowing his uniform, any scout who’s uniform is getting shabby from all of the outdoor events, and any adult leader who fits any of those descriptions.

The sale run through October 13, 2019.


Summer Camp Pickup

Summer camp pickup is 9:00 am, Saturday, July 27th.

Advancement records and blue cards will be temporarily retained by Troop 63 adult leaders so everything can be recorded. Records and partials will be returned to scouts promptly at one of the next meetings. Completed blue cards will be presented to the scout upon presentation of the merit badge patch.

Troop 63 Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters
These guys are scouting heroes!

New Troop Website

Welcome to the refreshed Troop 63 website! We moved to a responsive design so the site should appear properly across all devices. That should make it much more usable.

If you have comments, suggestions or questions, please send an email to the address in the footer.

Troop Trailer

Congratulations! All of our hard work paid off! Troop 63 purchased a troop trailer to make transporting gear to outings more organized and easier.

The trailer is 4 ft. x 6 ft. with front and rear doors.

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